Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reasons You Will Be Glad You Adopted Us!

• Loyalty. We will give you our undying affection for very little in return. A little food, water and a scratch or two behind the ear is generally all it will take. 

• Companionship. We want to go everywhere with you! We promise we will be great traveling dogs. It won't matter whether you are going places around town or headed to NASCAR, we want to go!

• Unconditional love. We will love you no matter what. All we care about is pleasing you and getting love in return. It's a beautiful thing!

• Protection. Although we are little, we will do our best to protect and alert you as needed.

• Joy. Yes, this is the biggest! You will come home every day to wagging tails and happy faces.

We knew you would like these!!!

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