Monday, April 18, 2011

Our First Trip to Dorothy's

Today, we went to the groomers, Dorothy's, for our very first haircut. We were not impressed, and neither was Rusty, the man who did us. He was nice, but you could tell he did not enjoy doing us. Maybe it was because Elly would bite him, or because we both acted like drama queens. Even though we are cute; hopefully, we will not have to go back anytime soon.

1 comment:

  1. girls are just bootiful! We don't go to da groomers, our mommy does us herself cause she somehow thinks we would act up if someone else did us. You know, that biting, whinning, wiggly, and don't expect me to put all 4 feet on da table at one time thing. She is right, we don't want ennyone else messin wif us. Mebbe you won't have to go back cause you know that Rusty guy will use his dullest scissors on you two, and prolly give you an ugly bow to boot.

    Jillie and Andy, the Yorkies